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The conference is considered the main milestone in the Kuala Lumpur Forum of Thought and Civilization programs. It is held periodically to study thought, politics, and civilization challenges facing the Islamic nation, which is on its way to social reform and civilizational resurrection. The conference has already dealt with important themes in this regard through its consecutive editions.


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Summary of the Program

Saturday, 10 december 2022
First day
Sunday, 11 december 2022
Seconde day
Monday, 12 december 2022
Third day
Tuesday, 13 december 2022

Directions to the Conference Site

Kaya Istanbul Fair & Convention Hotel

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Kuala Lumpur Forum for Thought and Civilization

The forum seeks to establish a permanent dialogue on intellectual and civilized issues about the reality of the nation and its options for the future, based on the reference of Islam, and with a comprehensive contemporary reading to clarify the way for workers and guide them towards achieving the higher values ​​of Islam and the nation's renaissance and sovereignty. ​