The Inaugual PERDANA Dialogue 2021 Virtual: System of Government

حجم الخط

In light of the 2019 Kuala Lumpur Summit’s outcomes, and within the framework of Kuala Lumpur Forum’s activities for Thought and Civilization, the Perdana Foundation for Civilized Dialogue organizes an intellectual symposium headed by Dr. Mahathir Muhammad, Chairman of the Forum. In this event, the Secretary-General, Dr. ABD RAZZAK MAKRI, Dr.AMR DARRAG, Dr.RAFIK ABDESSALEM, Dr.EMRULLAH ISHLER.

This symposium is an embodiment of the outcomes of the 2019 Kuala Lumpur Summit through the Perdana Foundation for Civilized Dialogue, which is a focused platform for promoting good governance and multinational effective and sustainable development programs.
Starting from 2021, the Perdana Foundation organizes focused dialogues with global intellectual leaders from different countries to exchange ideas, enrich and work for achieving good governance and shared prosperity at communal, national, regional, and global levels.
It will also work to consolidate a culture of dialogue on various critical issues in the nation and long-term aspirations to come up with ideas that help formulate and revise cultural and institutional programs and development policies.
The event focuses on three main subjects: governance, development, and civilization.

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